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Three Good Things

Even on the hardest of days, our emotional wellbeing and mental state can be improved by the simple act of finding a few good things.

You could pick any number of things to notice, but three seems both manageable and effective. Stop, pause and look around you and search for three things in your environment or ponder on the good things you could appreciate in your life.

Maybe it's the comfort of the sofa you're sitting on, a pretty sunset or some tasty fruit you are snacking on.

The focus on these good things evokes feelings of gratitude and reminds us that not everything in our world or life is unpleasant.

It is a bit like giving thanks; and when we do, research shows that we are more likely to feel more positive, enjoy our relationships, cope through difficult times and when practised regularly, increase our overall happiness.

Habits of gratitude can be cultivated through the mental method of finding three good things, but might also look like keeping a journal (great tips here), sharing good things with others, thanking people in your day or buying someone a small gift to show you appreciate them.


Clinical Psychologist, Sydney, Australia

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