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Sleeping on a hammock on the beach

Relaxation Space

Welcome to the Relaxation Space, your personal haven in the digital realm. Let yourself take a moment to breathe and unwind. 


Here, you can explore a variety of tools, videos and soothing sounds to de-stress, rest and refocus. 

This technique can take a little more practice. PMR involves tensing and relaxing muscles in your body. 

Stretching is good for stiff muscles and stress relief. Follow the 6min video guide and use this to take breaks at work, home or when studying. 

Deep breathing (or controlled breathing) is a powerful strategy for reducing stress or anxiety, including panic attacks. Follow the video for guidance. This is best practiced regularly. 

Calm Breaths (3 min)

Extend your exhales to feel calmer. Inhale for 3 counts

Rest for 2 counts

Exhale for 5 counts

Rest for 2 counts

Quick mindfulness (1 min)

A one-minute guided mindfulness video. Follow along to feel the peace. 

The Butterfly Hug (3:23 min)

A grounding exercise that uses bilateral stimulation to bring you back to the moment and calm your emotions. This is especially helpful for anxiety and trauma triggers. 

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