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Adult ADHD

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Wondering if you have ADHD?

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental condition and is linked to how the brain develops its neurological pathways. It influences crucial functions responsible for attention, thinking, planning, organisation and self-control. 


ADHD affects millions of people worldwide and can lead to challenges in academic or professional settings, work performance, interpersonal relationships and day-to-day life management. 


The symptoms are present before the age of 12 and can persist well into adulthood. Common challenges include maintaining focus and/or managing hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. 


Many adults have lived with undiagnosed ADHD symptoms, yet recognise that they have struggled in these areas throughout their life. And since ADHD is considered a spectrum condition, the symptoms can vary in severity from one person to another. ADHD can also manifest in several ways (or types), each with a unique set of symptoms. Additionally, some individuals might be considered ‘high functioning’, leading to ADHD going undetected due to their relative academic or career success, and the use of learnt management strategies.  

Why get tested?

The first and foremost reason for getting tested is to better understand yourself! 


An ADHD evaluation will shed light on the presence and nature of any symptoms, including their severity and type. 


Understanding your symptoms will guide and empower you to learn effective management strategies, enhance self-acceptance, and improve your interactions and achievements in personal and professional areas of life. 


Finally, testing is a foundational step towards a formal diagnosis, if this is something you wish to pursue. A psychiatrist will be able to integrate your test results with their clinical evaluation, creating a more comprehensive and accurate picture of your condition. The insights gleaned from testing are also invaluable to your treating physician or mental health practitioner, as they provide information for tailoring your treatment and management plans, including the prospects of any medication. 

What does testing involve?

Our ADHD testing process is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms. It involves two distinct online questionnaires:

  1. Current symptoms - for both screening and diagnostic purposes. It calculates various scores, including a total score, a threshold score (which determines the likely presence of ADHD), and identifies specific ADHD types based on your responses.  

  2. Retrospective symptoms - to assess the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms from your childhood. It examines the following areas: impulsivity and behavioural issues, inattentiveness and school difficulties, and self-esteem and negative mood. This test is particularly useful in distinguishing adults with and without an ADHD diagnosis. 


When used together, these two tests offer a more accurate assessment of ADHD, enhancing the validity for a potential diagnosis. 

What will I receive? 

After you complete the assessments, you will receive a personalised report that offers a detailed analysis of your responses. It will include your individual answers, test scores, and scale scores, accompanied by interpretative information that helps in understanding your symptom profile. Graphs will be used to visually represent symptom severity and for comparing subscales.  


You will also receive interpretive information to assist with understanding your symptom profile, along with important information on the tests themselves (known as psychometrics), which are valuable for treating or assessing clinicians in understanding your symptoms. 


An individualised letter addressed to any nominated practitioners, such as your GP or Psychiatrist, is also part of the package. This letter will certify the administration and interpretation of the ADHD assessment by a qualified Clinical Psychologist. Basic recommendations, tailored to your specific profile, will be included to guide your next steps in managing or further investigating your ADHD symptoms.  

How do I get started?

Simply click the booking button below, choose any date and time (it's not an actual appointment, so don't worry - this just activates the assessment), make payment and you're set to go! 

You will complete a brief background form and two online ADHD tests. No appointment is necessary. 

For any further queries regarding the ADHD assessment, please make contact

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